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Lots of programmers prefer to use Gedit to carry out their usual work because of its simplicity and its low use of resources.

Even though this simple text editor has a big number of functions, there are many others that can be of use.

It´s because of this that a special package with accessories has been created offering all these functions: it´s called Gedit Plugins.

Gedit Plugins includes:

• Smart Spaces: to limit the number of spaces.
• Embedded Terminal: to include a terminal window in Gedit´s interface.
• Show/Hide Tab-bar: shows or hides the tab-bar.
• Join/Split Lines: unites or divides multiple long lines.
• Color Picker: allows a colour to be picked to obtain hexadecimal notation.
• Draw Spaces: represent graphically spaces and tabs.
• Session Saver: saves and restores sessions.
• Code comment: allows you to comment blocks of code immediately.
• Bracket Completion: adds automatically a closing bracket, quotation mark, curly bracket or square bracket when you open one.
• Character Map: allows you to insert characters clicking on them.

All of this makes Gedit Plugins a very interesting download.

Architecture: i386

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